Introduction to GDPR and Our Commitment

At 24x7Pharma, we recognize the importance of data protection and privacy, understanding that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) plays a pivotal role in setting the standards for personal data security. The GDPR compliance framework is our dedicated effort to uphold the trust you place in us when sharing your personal data. Our commitment to GDPR compliance reflects our dedication to protect your data from unauthorized access, misuse, or disclosure. This framework outlines our practices, principles, and protocols designed to ensure that we are fully compliant with the regulations set forth by the GDPR, as we serve our customers around the clock with pharmaceutical information and resources. We endeavor to maintain the highest level of transparency and accountability, demonstrating our responsibility in handling personal data with the utmost care and diligence. The GDPR Compliance Framework here is not only a reflection of our legal obligation but also a core component of our ethos to respect and protect individual privacy rights.

Scope of GDPR at 24x7Pharma

The scope of GDPR at 24x7Pharma includes all personal data that we process, whether it relates to our clients, employees, partners, or any other individuals whose data we may handle in the course of providing our services. We understand that GDPR's reach extends beyond the borders of the European Union, affecting any organization that processes the personal data of EU residents. As such, our GDPR framework has been carefully architected to be in full alignment with the GDPR’s expansive approach to data protection, regardless of the geographical location of an individual. We take comprehensive measures to ensure that personal data is processed lawfully, fairly, and in a transparent manner, providing our users with the control and information required to fully exercise their rights under the GDPR.

Data Subjects' Rights Under GDPR

In compliance with GDPR, we acknowledge and support the rights of data subjects, providing a clear understanding of their entitlements and the means to exercise those rights. Data subjects have the right to access their personal data, request rectification or erasure, restrict the processing of their data, and object to data processing in certain circumstances. They also have the right to data portability and the right to be informed about data breaches that may affect them. Our processes are designed to facilitate the exercise of these rights in a timely and straightforward manner, ensuring that data subjects can maintain oversight and control over their personal data. We provide mechanisms for subjects to raise concerns or inquiries regarding their data, maintaining open lines of communication to address and resolve any issues that may arise.

Data Protection Measures and Security

We have instituted robust data protection measures that are diligently enforced to safeguard personal data against unauthorized access, alteration, loss, or destruction. Our security strategies encompass both technical and organizational safeguards, tailored to the nature of the data we handle. We conduct regular risk assessments to evaluate potential vulnerabilities and engage in continuous improvement of our data protection protocols. Encryption, access controls, secure data storage, and data minimization are just a few of the measures implemented to ensure GDPR compliance. Employee training and awareness programs are critical pillars of our framework, establishing a culture of data protection by design and default throughout our organization. Our vigilant approach to cybersecurity aligns with the GDPR's stringent requirements, providing assurance to our users that their personal data is secure under our care.

Contact Information and Data Protection Officer

24x7Pharma has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) who oversees the implementation of our data protection strategies and ensures compliance with GDPR standards. Our DPO serves as the point of contact for data subjects to discuss any matters related to the processing of their personal data and the exercise of their rights under GDPR. For any inquiries or concerns regarding our data privacy practices, please reach out to our Data Protection Officer via email at [email protected]. The owner, Caspian Fairbrother, can also be contacted for matters concerning the organization's GDPR compliance, at the following address: State Library of Queensland, Stanley Pl, South Brisbane QLD 4101, Australia. We invite our users to engage with us on data protection matters, as we strive to refine and enhance our GDPR compliance initiatives.

Caspian Fairbrother

Caspian Fairbrother


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